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Finding the Fear: A Couple Therapy Training Workshop

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This one-day workshop was held in May 2013, and has been recorded and edited into 2 DVDs, with a 150-page study guide. Part 1 includes the theory and two demonstrations, and runs 1'25".  Part 2 includes 2 more demonstrations and runs 1'06". The accompanying book includes transcripts of the videos plus commentaries and explanations of the different interventions.


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"Lee Kassan does an excellent job of explaining, in a very simple and straightforward way, and demonstrating some basic principles of how to approach working with couples---looking for the fear or vulnerable feelings underlying their reactions, understanding the symbolic meaning associated with the issues each partner is reacting to, and identifying and pointing out to the partners the loops or cycles in which they get caught up. I also was impressed with how comfortable he seemed with the participants and what a good job he did connecting with them. The group was great. They appeared to have a good understanding of couple dynamics and their role plays were excellent." 
~Bruce Berman, PhD, Sex and Couples Therapist, New York

"A good training tool, with useful hands-on tips and easy to follow steps for application. The guide has clearly demonstrated Kassan's approach, which he poignantly states to be essentially that of the therapist finding the fear, while the couples communicate the fear....Kassan's approach could perhaps serve as an additional bag of tools alongside the behavioral, systemic or integrated approaches specialized clinics may already be using." 
~The Journal of Family Therapy (Vol. 37, No. 2, pp. 262-264)

"Lee Kassan has created a set of DVDs and an accompanying study guide that present a new and effective treatment for couples—married or not. Elucidating the fears underlying couples' conflict is the central task. Patients protect themselves from knowing the fear, but Kassan has a way of working that has enormous merit and appears effective." 
~Walter Stone, MD, Professor Emeritus, University of Cincinnati and Coordinator of Group Therapy, California Pacific Medical Center. Co-author, Psychodynamic Group Therapy

"I viewed your Finding the Fear DVD and read the workbook. I found the experience very helpful. I particularly appreciated seeing you in action: reframing and putting into words whatever you felt was not being said; actively listening for the fear and clarifying what people were feeling; pointing out how questions can put people at a disadvantage; emphasizing the importance of focusing on process rather than content. I feel that using your process is making a real difference with my clients."  
~Julie Sullivan-Redmond, LCSW-R.CGP

"Any clinician who works with couples knows how daunting the task can be. Understanding the couple's dynamics while getting the duo to talk to each other, rather than at each other, is a challenge indeed. In his new study guide and DVD for couples counselors, Lee Kassan meets that challenge. In a clear, straightforward style, he effectively delineates his unique brand of facilitating progressive, constructive emotional communication between partners. Both experienced and inexperienced couples counselors will find his melding of theory and technique an outstanding asset to their repertoire of skills." 
~Robert S. Pepper, LCSW, PhD, CGP, Director of Education and Training at the Long Island Institute for Mental Health, Rego Park, NY, Author, Emotional Incest in Group Psychotherapy: A Conspiracy of Silence"

"Lee Kassan is a thoughtful, senior couple therapist who presents the theory and techniques he has developed over thirty years. He begins with a theoretical presentation, and then these concepts are demonstrated via role-plays. A wonderful way to quickly comprehend a powerful means of working with couples." 
~J. Scott Rutan, PhD, CGP, DFAGPA,  Co-Founder and Senior Faculty, Boston Institute for Psychotherapy;  Past President, AGPA

"Lee Kassan gives an excellent, articulate, clear enunciation of the major principles of couple therapy. The first role-play gives a flavor of what he does, and there's a lovely way in which he takes in and validates what each partner says. It's clear that he's developed his own distinctive, effective approach. I've learned some good things from this video." 
~Daniel Wile, PhD, Author, After the Honeymoon  

"This video and its accompanying study guide are a must-have for anyone interested in a practical, concise way to apply attachment theory to couple therapy. Kassan provides a rich conceptual scaffolding for understanding the role that attachment theory and attachment styles play in the interpersonal dynamics of intimate relationships." 
~Philip J Flores, PhD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA, Author, Addiction as an Attachment Disorder

"This combination study guide and DVD offers a definite contribution to the field of couple therapy. Using unscripted role-plays, Kassan demonstrates in a very clear way his method for helping the couple identify the underlying fears in their relationship that prevent them from achieving greater attachment and deeper intimacy. Kassan's articulation of the six Rules of Engagement for the couple offer the therapist welcome guidance about practical ways to intervene in the office. Moreover, in addition to the role plays, the reader is treated to extensive question-and-answer sessions in which Kassan intelligently outlines his model."   
~Joseph Shay, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School;  Co-author, Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy; Co-editor, Complex Dilemmas in Psychotherapy and Odysseys in Psychotherapy

"This is an excellent presentation, and a clear description of couple work. Finding the fear is a useful metaphor, but also tangible for therapists and clients to understand and use. Kassan is clear and concrete and easy for both therapists and clients to understand. He is an excellent teacher and his work makes a real contribution to the field."  
~Barry G. Ginsberg, PhD, ABPP, CFLE; Executive Director, Center of Relationship Enhancement; Author, Relationship Enhancement Family Therapy