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Licensed mental health counselor
Certified group psychotherapist
Are you and your partner having any of these problems?

• You've been fighting almost every day
• You haven't been fighting but you feel very distant
• No matter what you say, your partner doesn't understand

These things can happen to any couple. It doesn't mean you're with the wrong person. I can help you fix these problems so you can have a happy relationship again.

Old or young, male or female, gay or straight, we all need intimate connection with another person. We meet, fall in love, form a relationship, sometimes get married or just stay together. We draw comfort from each other, have fun together, make plans for a future. Then, somehow, we start fighting, and suddenly we don't feel safe anymore. Conflicts take over, and we think about ending the relationship. Or we draw apart, avoiding the fights, and no longer feel connected. How does this happen?

Because we are so open and vulnerable in an intimate relationship, it's easy for us to get "triggered" by something our partner does. We react, and then they react to our reaction. We're now in a loop that can keep escalating until the relationship falls apart.

The key to a happy and well-functioning relationship is the communication. Couples often fight without even understanding what they're fighting about, as little things often stand for big things. We all seek intimacy with our partners, but not everyone understands that the only way to create intimacy is through self-disclosure: you have to tell your partner what you feel, what you think, what you wish for, what you're afraid of.

In couple therapy, the client is the relationship itself. As the therapist, I focus on the way partners talk to each other: what they say and what they don't say. I help people hear and understand each other. I help people say the things they're afraid to say. I help people communicate clearly and effectively so that they can have the relationship they want.

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