Licensed psychoanalyst
Licensed mental health counselor
Certified group psychotherapist
The work in individual therapy focuses on the way that you think and feel, and the beliefs you have about men and women, about relationship, and most of all about yourself. Early experience shapes the ways we think and often determines the choices we make. By making the process conscious, we gain more control over those choices, and find more freedom from suffering and distress.

Getting teenagers into therapy, and keeping them there, is a challenge. At this point in their lives they are busy becoming separate from their parents, and don't want to feel dependent on anyone. Forming an alliance can be difficult, but I have been working successfully with adolescents for over 30 years.

Group is a very powerful way of discovering yourself because you have the opportunity for feedback from others about how they experience you in the room. You also have a safe place to experiment, take risks, and try other ways of behaving. You can form relationships with the other group members that become the vehicle for feelings that illuminate individual issues. The immediacy of group is unlike any other experience you can have, and can be invaluable in your growth as an individual.

I've led all kinds of groups: couples groups; creativity groups; writing groups; therapy groups. My mixed (men and women) therapy group met for almost 24 years. Currently, I have a social anxiety, intimacy, and relationship group that meets Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00. Contact me if you're interested in joining.

In couple therapy, the client is the relationship itself. As the therapist, I focus on the way partners talk to each other: what they say and what they don't say. I help people hear and understand each other. I help people say the things they're afraid to say. I help people communicate clearly and effectively so that they can have the relationship they want. Click here for more info.